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I recently wrote a post about Scrum and Agile being the hot buzzwords right now, Jeff Bezos probably summed up a great keypoint that I left out when he commented about a United Airlines PR & customer relations nightmare by sayingThe world was aghast that United could treat a passenger in such a manner. But United didn't see this. From its perspective, it followed the process. The fact that... read more
SCRUM and Agile are things people "do" but rarely understand, especially the WHY. Moreover many people and companies don't adapt it to their situation which results in a lot waste in terms of time and money.SCRUM in particular is very disciplined and I've seen more time going into the SCRUM than into the work at some places. I think there is a real value to following the very strict rules for any... read more
Call centers are usually places where scripts are read but NOT UNDERSTOOD by the people reading them.If your problem is even slightly off script the chances the first call will solve anything are next to nothing. The small "personal" tech business that boasts "24/7 tech support" is probably outsourcing it too and it's just as bad as the big companies you call. Usually these... read more
Taming oversized images after the fact...Recent work on a Lanscaping companies website ended up with 10GB+ of very high resolution images (and still growing) that needed to be downsized (preferably in one foul swoop). Imsanity handled this task perfectly and is a must have for sites that have content contributors submitting large files. In particular this plugin will downsize large images... read more
Media Assistant - One of the best written plugins I've used in a long time... With 500+ images in their photo gallery, a high end Landscape company I've been developing a site for needed something that added hierarchy and structure to their massive image library. Users needed to be able to quickly drill down to their particular interest, photos needed to be reusable, and trying to do this as... read more
Someone else must have read my mind, and this makes managing & maintaining those bash scripts way easier. And unlike Ruby which gets used alot to do these kinds of things, it's not NEARLY as fickle to get running. read more
Our initial take: Some of the added structure will prevent less experienced programmers from making a mess, but we worry it may potentionally increase the price of entry past many people Drupal 7 was such a good fit for. We recently had our first glance at Drupal 8 back in October. We've loved Drupal for a long time for it's ability to wear a lot of hats well. Good enough for The White House (yes... read more
Small businesses often fall victim to a less than ethical web developer or IT guy (most of the time they pretty are incompetent too) they found on Craig's list or online resources that look (or are actually are very legitimate in some cases). I've had to fix a lot of messes left behind by these types of people. What I hate most, they make my job of closing a deal that is in the best... read more
If your web developer is the only vendor you have a problem with fire them... if you have problems with many of your vendors best to look in the mirror before you clean house. I took a client on one time that I had some reservations about. Some people (especially entrepenuers) can be hard to read. Some of the most successful entrepenuers are also the most eccentric. There are times when it is... read more
When a publication solicits you to advertise with them and throws in "free design" as an added bonus, keep one thing in mind, their goal is to sell you the ad space. The designer's primary goal is to create an ad you'll approve. They aren't going to consider how the ad will generate a response and how to track it. You'll pay far more for the weekly ad space than you will for the initial design.... read more


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