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Stock art is a great and affordable alternative to doing a real photo shoot. That being said, it has become so pervasive that people are learning to tune it out. You don't have do away with all stock art on your site but it's a good idea to have some real pictures on your site or in your ad. In particular if you are in a business that customers demand and need a certain level of trust (like... read more
Small business owners by nature wear a lot of hats, but at some point most SMB owners find there are a few hats that need to be outsourced and worn by others. Taxes and certain legal filings for me were one of those things. $2000 in extra tax one year because of a DIY job instead of spending $500 to have an accountant file the corporate paperwork correctly was an expensive lesson... read more
I've always thought mice type SLAs were stupid. Big companies use them to avoid every potential lawsuit or to deliberately screw consumers over. Decent & good small companies use them to deal with every bad experience and to come across as "professional." I've gotten burned on more written contracts than the rare judgment mistake I've made in character or client/vendor relationship... read more
A simple descision to purchase a paper cutter gave a client (The Masquerade) all of this technology... how & why is at the bottomMerge print, website data, & in house TV systems into one source eliminating errors across different advertising mediums.Custom calender system for the complex booking of touring acts that allowed for 600 national shows a year to be booked from over 4000+... read more
Many times the purpose of a website is to serve as additional information for a prospective client to look at after some sort of direct personal contact with them. They come to your site to check you out further. I like to think of them as an extension of the limited information on your business card, brochure,  or a brief  interaction with a prospective client at networking event,... read more
I began my computer programming at the tender age of 14 in 1982. My first computer was a Timex Sinclair 1000 (Yes the watch maker got in the PC business for a minute by re-branding a British computer). An interesting note here is that this is when part of the great divide between the Apple and PC started. You see the two competing low cost CPUs back then were the Zilog Z80 (what was in my Timex... read more
One of ADHD Media's clients recently switched to a new company to deliver their bulk email in the belief that it would result in better delivery, open, & click through rates due to the much larger size of the new vendor. In what ended up being a test of the integrity of ADHD Media's systems, our former client discovered the vendor was achieving delivery, open & click through rates to the... read more
The combination of the DKIM digital signature and effective email list management have led to a near 100% acceptance rate by most receiving email servers for email (including bulk email like newsletters, email advertising, etc.) sent by ADHD Media servers according to Return Path. This is a phenomenal score for a small hosting company like ADHD Media who sends more than  50,000 emails per week.... read more
For people who send email news letters from their own website verses outsourcing to a service such as MailChimp or Constant Contact, acceptance of these emails by major service providers such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, Comcast, and others is a very important concern. DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) is a way of digitally signing your email to verify that it is in fact yours and not somebody else... read more
Advertising reps for print publications are notorious for the "it takes time" before an ad will get response routine. In the mean time you are paying hundreds of dollars per publication for your ad during this "takes time" period wondering whether or not there is going to be a pay off. Small businesses don't have the luxury to gamble on 6-8 ads per publication to find out whether or not it will... read more


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