Christopher Kind

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Christopher Kind

Grand Poobah

I've had over 10 years of web development, technology (hardware, software, & operating systems), graphic arts, & promotions experience. I am an extremely unique individual in that I am proficient in all of these, but more importantly understand how they impact each other and how to streamline workflows across all of them.

My 7 years of experience at the Masquerade Concert Venue brought all of these elements together & my experience with Sharpdot really expanded my understanding of current processes working with teams in terms software development.

ADHD Media was an outgrowth that began at Masquerade. The goal was to merge web and print and actually do it well. I've seen many companies "do it all"​, but usually there were either very competent print design firms or very technically oriented. ADHD Media's goal was to save clients money by accounting for digital and print marketing when designing either.

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