24/7 tech support myth

Call centers are usually places where scripts are read but NOT UNDERSTOOD by the people reading them.

If your problem is even slightly off script the chances the first call will solve anything are next to nothing. The small "personal" tech business that boasts "24/7 tech support" is probably outsourcing it too and it's just as bad as the big companies you call. Usually these businesses have more sales people than actual people who know anything about what they sell. Personal service may be an outdated idea at the moment, but I still believe in it. Funny how the premium plan is only $30 per month for the rest of your life for something that seemed like it was already included.

Learn more about what lengths companies go to in an effort to relieve you of your sanity here...

While we're at it, let's discuss the rediculous terms of services agreements. Seems to me all the effort goes into the legal part of them as opposed to creating a real understanfing between consumer and seller. 

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