Our Services

Web Development

We've worked on websites that cost $1500. We’ve worked on websites that cost $500,000. But we don't think in terms of “what is the ‘best’ website technology today”.   We look at, “what is the best FIT for your business when it comes to developing a website”. Where are you today? Where do you want to be tomorrow? How will your website help you achieve this? Should you use a content management system? If so should it be Wordpress? Drupal? Magento? or some other system all together...

We give you what your website needs today and preserve room for expansion tomorrow.  It sounds pretty simple, but it’s easy to get off track. ADHD Media can help.

Don't think short term here unless you only plan on being of business for that length of time. Planning a website for a company that will be around for 10 more years is much different from one that is only planning on being around another 2.

Graphic Arts

Most small businesses need logos, flyers, and other marketing material developed. Sure, you can find a talented artist (a student for example) to design something for you at a low rate.  But do they understand how to design for your brand in a way to supports your business objectives?  Will the logo they create really resonate with your target audience or is it just a pretty piece of art work? When you ask them for 12" x 18" posters, do they know to ask you if 11" x 17" would work for you if it meant they cost 75% less? Did they use colors in the design that will quadruple the printing cost?

The list like this is endless, and can impact your business for a long time to come. It takes experts to do design well and stay within budget. And we’re experts.

Are you tired of dialing "1" for English? A call center representative will never know you well enough to know how tech savvy you are or how tech savvy you are not. It’s okay.  We understand that some people need more help in this area than others.  

Having someone that knows your knowledge level goes a long way toward speeding up communication.  That’s what we’re here for.

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