Small businesses aren't the only victims of unethical and/or incompetent web developers and IT people

Small businesses often fall victim to a less than ethical web developer or IT guy (most of the time they pretty are incompetent too) they found on Craig's list or online resources that look (or are actually are very legitimate in some cases). I've had to fix a lot of messes left behind by these types of people. What I hate most, they make my job of closing a deal that is in the best interests of both parties much harder because a potential client was burned by the last guy. If you're a small business owner, hopefully this will make you feel a little better knowing you're not alone...

Even the big guys get bitten by shady developers sometimes....

This clown (aka developer) outsourced his whole job to China at Verizon's expense!

Myself, I believe in long term relationships and establishing trust. I think it goes two ways between client and provider. Sadly, It's value is very underrated by many. Offshoring and outsourcing doesn't always payoff. In my opinion it's a very short sighted view and creates a flimsy foundation for a business. I'll take the modest house built on bedrock over the mansion built on sand. I may not be living the high life in it, but I'll be around after the storm.

Speaking of short sighted trends, I see in the another one in the tech industry which really bothers me, the idea of "renting" software long term. I'll have to cover that in another post though. 

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