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When you call ADHD media, you get a person – usually the owner – and not a call center in Timbuktu.
Solving problems you didn’t know you had
We give you technology support that will make you wonder how you managed without us.
We’re in the business of growing your business.
We won’t waste your time selling you on a laundry list of services we provide. We just won’t. Instead, we’ll work to provide you services that fit your needs. That’s how we help grow your business

Small business Technology & Marketing

Think of ADHD Media as a small town primary care doctor for your business. You can count on us to deliver small business technology and marketing that meet your business needs. When you call us, it’s the doc who takes your call. The vast technology services we provide were learned from years of solving problems for small businesses who employed us.  Now we offer these services – usually for less than the competition and with better quality care.  

Everything we do centers around you – your style, budget and goals. Occasionally, you may need a specialist to handle something specific. When you do, we’ll bring in the right one to make sure the job is done right


ADHD Media helped launched a new site for one of Atlanta's premiere landscape developers. By premiere we mean West Paces Ferry, Tuxedo Park, Buckhead,...

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