Advanced Help Desk

Are you tired of dialing "1" for English? A call center representative will never know you well enough to know how tech savvy you are or how tech savvy you are not. It’s okay.  We understand that some people need more help in this area than others.  

Having someone that knows your knowledge level goes a long way toward speeding up communication.  That’s what we’re here for. 

Our "help" desk isn't sub-contracted to the lowest bidder. We also aren't reading scripts like most help desk support. That's right, most help desk support consists of a customer service rep searching a database for the problem you described and reading step by step instructions back to the caller. While this approach may work for certain cases, it also usually results in a lot of unecessary steps & repeat phone calls to fix an issue that more knowlegeable people would know to bypass. Further, someone more knowlegeable with your current setup is less likely to do more harm than good while attempting to fix an issue. Sure, a hard reset might be the goto solution for the "call center," but do they know if that wouldn't be a good idea because in your case it might erase custom configuration settings they don't normally see?

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