Christopher Kind Drupal Targeted Resume

Drupal Specific:I have had over 10 years of web development with heavy involvement in Drupal for the last 5. Having started with procedural code, I can relate to Drupal's procedural roots, yet know when to bring OOP in for purposes of code maintainability. I have found Drupal to be one of the most flexible and useful CMS systems on the internet today. It never ceases to amaze me what Drupal does or already has a community module when a client makes a new request for a feature.I have very proficient Drupal knowledge of:

Kavli Prize

Big scale drupal delivers beautiful result. The easiest way to describe the Kavli Prize is to anyone unfmiliar with the organization is that it would be a Norwegian version of the the Nobel Prize. Kavli was a project we were hired to work on by Sharpdot/Atlanta and Blenderbox/New York. Our Primary duty was to turn the user experience designs into actual data architecture & content delivery. There is no other system like Drupal for turning a large volume of content into chunks of reading based on a users interest.

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