What to Expect

This was a project where Blenderbox in New York was the lead development company that involved updating shipping software (Drupal Commerce). The shipping calculations for What to Expect was complicated yet important for two principle reasons, What to Expect is a non-profit organization and most of the organizations that receive material for them are non-profit as well so niether side could afford to absorb any miscalculations. Further, overcharging the recipient meant potentially they would order fewer books which would defeat the organization's mission of getting materials to those who needed it the most. The shipping calculations included obvious factors like weight but also less obvious ones like the charges for the space that was occupied when a box wasn't full. The shipping had to compute all of these factors to deliver final cost that needed to be extremely accurate. In the end the client was extremely happy with how well the computed shipping cost compared to the actual ones charged after fulfillment.

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