Masquerade is truly a story of an integrated approach to a client's needs for technology & marketing. During the 7 years ADHD Media handled Masquerade's technology & marketing they went from an average of 250 national shows (big name acts) per year to just over 600. That didn't include another 200+ local shows. ADHD Media's streamlining of processes made things that were normally not affordable to avenue of that size possible. We made it possible to manage a much higher volume of shows on a much smaller staff. At one point we handled web and graphic arts for 10 separate businesses owned by Masquerade. We remain unmatched for the value we deliver to our clients. 

One of the key successes was to merge print, website data, & in house TV systems into one source, which is still somewhat unheard of because very few people actually know how to do it. Before the print ad was built from data imooerted directly from the website to the Adobe print graphics software,  mistakes and typos were far too common no matter how well ads were proof read, by multiple people at that, due to the sheer volume of shows. Once the systems were merged, incorrect show information was rarely published, and the few times it was, it was caught very quickly and fixed very promptly  because an update on any system changed all of the other systems. 

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